create your 90's nude lip with Marena's Rouge Tarou

Sis we gotta talk, like now.

This time we have gotten a review for the ROUGE TAROU praline lipstick from the brand Marena beaute and it is everything that we did not know we need it...until we got it.

For the last couple of years, fashion and beauty has been influenced by the amazing early 2000's: cute pink outfits, baby phat inspired fits, bold make up colors and accessoires extravaganza. 

However, we want to go back even further to the 90's and bring back the brown lipliner+ nude lips combo that were sported by icons like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Brandy but with a modern twist. 

This lipstick by itself can be used as a perfect nude for during the day as it is a pretty color in itself. The lipstick is creamy and spreads out like butter. MARENA made the rouge tarou in three nude colours perfect for EVERY SKINCOLOUR!!!

Meaning that you can sport the brown lip combo wether your skintone is similar to Kelly Rowland or kylie Jenner.

For this look the following products were used: Marena beaute rouge tarou lipstick in the color "Praline" and Baabsbeauty lipliner in the color "Walnut" and a glossy lipgloss by choice.



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