Blackgirlsunscreen review


We have another brand to represent in our assortment and this time it is the first BODY related brand: Blackgirlsunscreen. Summer 2020 has been HARSH and extremely hot, how we survived in the office we dunno. What we do now is that our sunscreen has finally arrived and we have tested it for you.


First. Blackgirlsunscreen the brand

has been started up by a brilliant young women Shonty Lundy who, just as us, was tired of ashy sunscreen so she decided to create her own!


Second. Blackgirlsunscreen the product.

What can you expect from the sunscreen. The sunscreen is available in SPF 30 (if you search for SPF 50, we’re sorry but that one is only available in the US). This sunscreen was made to specifically cater to women of color, to have a sunscreen that won’t leave that grey casket glow.. everyone that is darker knows what I’m talking about, some sunscreens give that Michael Jackson thriller glow after applying it.

It protects the skin, it is fragrance free and there are no use of bad chemicals, it’s basically everything that we wish for bottled up in a cute 89ml tube


Lastly. Blackgirlsunscreen the review

Just buy it, we don’t even want to use words but for this review we have to.

Let’s just start with the packaging; it’s a black tube that can be taken with you everywhere the same way you do your hand creme.

Moreover, when you squeeze in it, you’ll notice that the sunscreen is white colored. When you rub the sunscreen on your skin, the liquid consistency melts away like butter leaving no ashy glow…you hear me? NO.ASHY.GLOW! 

It is moisturizing and it does not have that annoying sticky feeling that most sunscreens have (the HATE I have for sticky sunscreen). If you need proof then hop on to our instagram to see it for yourself!


Click here to buy the sunscreen for €18,99



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